Cheshire make changes for Twickenham clash

Full-back Tom Foden, who played in Cheshire’s final pool game against Lancashire, misses out through injury with Macclesfield’s Charlie Venables coming in from the bench.

Caldy’s Harrison Crowe, who was also on the bench, is the other player to miss out from Cheshire’s final pool game. Club mate Ben Jones and Wirrell’s Craig Harvey are the two changes on the bench.

The side is captained by Macclesfield’s Dave Marwick.


  1. Gavin Wood (Chester)
  2. Paul Millea (Macclesfield)
  3. Elliot Millar-Mills (Macclesfield)
  4. Dave Marwick (Macclesfield, capt)
  5. Tom Sanders (Caldy)
  6. Nyle Davidson (Caldy)
  7. Harry Broadbent (Rosslyn Park)
  8. Ryan Parkinson (Macclesfield)
  9. Joe Murray (Wirrell)
  10. Jack Lavin (Caldy)
  11. Ali Baker (Wirrell)
  12. Rhys Hayes (Chester)
  13. Forbes Edwards (Caldy)
  14. Jack Leech (Sandbach)
  15. Charlie Venables (Macclesfield)


  1. Tim Oakes (Sandbach)
  2. Nathan Rushton (Caldy)
  3. Chris Roddy (Stourbridge)
  4. Nick Pearson (Sheffield Tigers)
  5. Mike Craven (Chester)
  6. Ben Jones (Caldy)
  7. Craig Harvey (Wirrell)

Coaches – Simon Verbrikas Matt Ciarns

DoR – Simon Wright

Team Physio – Laura Kirkham

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