Trelawny’s Army assists Referees

Trelawny’s army were delighted to welcome Chris Hailey to our recent committee meeting. Chris deals with sponsorship for the Cornwall Rugby Referees Society and we were delighted to help the CRRS with a donation of £250 towards the cost of O’Neil long coats and rechargeable batteries and radio belts for their referee advisors.

Chris was delighted with the donation from TASC and said it would help make a big difference to the CRRS and thanked the Army for their generosity.     

Photo Barbara Hocking: TASC Treasurer Viv Broadhurst presents cheque to Chris Hailey CRRS.

Photo Phil Trevarton: TASC Merchandise Secretary Marina Trevarton pictured with Paul Thirlby at a recent game at Lankelly-Fowey.

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