Membership fees set to rise in September 2024

Important Notice to all ARMY Members for 2024

In the 30 years of Trelawny’s Army we have only increased the membership fee
ONCE and in that time provided concessions to O.A.P. members in this time. You
may be aware that we have over this period of time absorbed a great many costs
due to the low membership fee at present, which no one would challenge is low for
what is received over the year; posting a Black & Gold Newsletter four times a year
and a membership card to every Army Member; even when on occasions a S.A.E or
80 pence for p&p has not been included! It’s all been provided in good faith to our
members by our Voluntary Committee who you must agree work tirelessly on your
behalf; all for the support of Cornwall Rugby – the very purpose of our existence.
There is no ARMY like it!
You will remember during the year of COVID-19, we provided [regardless of those
not able to pay at this time] the Black & Gold to you all. Along with your support; and
David Burrows professional Youtube Videos, a ‘Virtual Reality 2019 County
Championships’ was created on line to keep spirits up. We carried the extra cost that
year of 2019 and since. We have always organised away Trips for the County
Championship games, Dinner Events, and yearly Bowling competition for members
We realise that rising costs at present are being felt by every one of us on a daily
basis and it was a real reality check of our finances over the last year, we have been
challenged as a club. And despite the generous donations by some members, who
gave in recognition of the Army efforts to Cornwall Rugby. So it’s unfortunate, that
we must increase membership fees in September 2024 and ALL MEMBERS will
need to be aware now. We feel it is the fairest way forward, and there will be no
more concessions I am afraid for our OAP members. The Rates will be: – Adult – £10.
Couple/Family – £20 per year.
We are reprinting membership forms accordingly and you will soon see the new form on
the web site, with our new Membership Secretary’s details and receive them with our
August ‘Black & Gold’ newsletter. Membership should be renewed every
SEPTEMBER with the start of the Rugby season. So please ensure your Standing
Order is dated for September 2024 so you receive your full year’s membership. We
hope you are able to support the Committee’s decision and remain as always an
‘Army Member’ with the same undying passion for Cornwall Rugby. Onen hag oll.

Membership Secretary

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