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I am sure that everybody involved with The Pirates was as disappointed as me as the proceedings at the Strategic Planning Committee meeting in Truro came to their conclusion. I know that the confused ending will have brought total dismay to everyone.

On Radio Cornwall this morning I was asked whether or not I was angry with the outcome. I have experienced many emotions during the last 24 hours, including anger, but it is now time for a period of reflection where the emotion of anger may not be the most useful emotion to focus upon.

Last evening, the SPC made a mess of their voting arrangements. Instead of a supermarket we have the prospect of multiple supermarkets, instead of limiting further new home approval we now have the prospect of over 1,000 newly approved homes, instead of limiting air pollution and traffic congestion we have the new prospect of adding to these problems. While these problems were being created, we failed to invest in the future by failing to approve a £10M gift to the County through the infrastructure development of S4C. This may be difficult to follow but this is what happened last evening. I am sure that this will be the subject of further review because it was embarrassing to watch.

However from our perspective we have to recognise the following:

  • The West Langarth application was deferred – it is NOT refused
  • A 3 month deadline is imposed to resolve the various outstanding issues
  • Stadium for Cornwall continues to have planning consent

Late into last evening and during today, the Stadium partners have been consulting to determine what we do next. Further discussions are planned after the weekend.

To all our stakeholders, I would like to express my thanks for all the messages of support that have been received. They are much appreciated. Your continued support will be equally appreciated as the Stadium partners with the S4C Group continue to work together to find the solution for S4C and for the problems created by the SPC last evening on the advice of their legal and planning advisors.

Why is Sport (Pirates) and Education (Truro & Penwith College) combining together to create an inspirational community centre in Truro so difficult to understand? It works in other parts of the UK, why does Cornwall want to be so different and lose the opportunities from which other counties are currently benefitting?

Don’t lose the faith! It’s merely half-time!

Chairman Cornish Pirates

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