Message from Chairman Phil to the CRFU

Dear Roger,

I wish to convey my appreciation of this year’s County Championship to you and the players in this year’s Campaign.

The bitter taste of losing the final to a highly skilled and physical Lancashire must be so close to the player’s hearts that no words of mine can assuage their disappointment.

But, please be assured that the team that has taken us to Twickenham for the fifth consecutive time, defeating Surrey, Devon and Hertfordshire in such emphatic matches should never feel that they have in any way failed Trelawny’s Army and the assembled ranks of Cornish Rugby supporters. I hope in time that they should draw a sense of pride of what they have accomplished, namely reaching a Twickenham Final, a pinnacle that many rugby players will never accomplish.

The County Campaign games mounted by Cornwall are still the best supported matches that many of your players we see in their playing careers and are a testimony to the efforts made by CRFU Officers and the Players alike.

Trelawny’s Army are immensely proud of “Our Players”, who have worn the “Black & Gold” over the last four weeks and the only disappointment we will have is that we have to wait another year to wear our Black & Gold and fly the flags once again.

Please relay my heart felt appreciation to the Players and Officials alike and I wish you all the best until we can do this once again in 2018.

Phil Trevarton

Trelawny’s Army Supporters Club

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