The breaking news this afternoon that Dicky Evans has stepped down as president of Penzance & Newlyn RFC will come as a shock and disbelief to all those who shared in his vision for rugby in Cornwall in the professional era.

For some the break from the Mennaye and the re-branding to the Cornish Pirates was a pill too bitter to swallow, despite the overwelming support for change this small minority refused to back the venture!

It is very sad to think, that it is certain elements from the rugby family who have driven the knife so deep as to finally drive Dicky away. These people should be throughly ashamed of themselves as they have done, Dicky, supporters and Cornish rugby in general, a great dis-service. It is often said that the Cornish can be their own worse enemies, well maybe today is an example of this depressing fact.

It is to be hoped that the vision Dicky had for the Cornish Pirates can be carried on, that those who remain can pick up the torch and hold it brightly,high and proud, those of us who have shared in the adventure and have brought in to the vision hope that a new way forward can be found.

Thank you for all that you have done Dicky it is now up to Cornwall to re-pay your faith by finishing the job you started.

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