With just over 40 hours to go to the 10 am kick-off on Sunday, all of Cornwall are on tenterhooks as they wait to hear if one of their favourite sons, Matt Jess, will be allowed by his new employers, Exeter Chiefs, to line up with his Cornish team mates on the hallowed turf of Twickenham on Sunday morning. We are told that talks are on-going between CRFU Hon.Sec Alan Mitchell and Director of Rugby at Exeter Chiefs Peter Drewett, on the one hand a passionate advocate of county rugby on the other a DoR who has a greater agenda on his mind namely promotion to the Guinness Premiership next season with the Devon side. Mr. Mitchell will need all his delicate negotiating skills to pull this particular coup off, I wish him luck.

Poor old Matt Jess has already been forced to withdraw from the England Counties squad, which flies out to North America on Monday for a three match tour.

Dave Benji Thomas, though obviously disappointed at the probable loss of Jess will not have time to dwell on it. Cornwall will not be travelling to make up the numbers, they travel to win. There is sure to be a sizeable Cornish contingent in the mighty West Stand at Twickenham come 10 am on Sunday morning and they will singing to lift the rafters off and get right behind the boys. Trelawny’s Army and the formidable Falmouth Marine Band having travelled up to London on Saturday will be leading the support for the boys and will back them from first to last whistle.

Can Cornwall do it? Of course they can, that is not to diminish the threat of a fine Northumberland side who have played some very fine rugby to reach Twickenham having won all three of their pool matches.

The excitement heightens by the minute, just like Trevethick’s steam engine, pressure will be fully stoked up by 10 am Sunday just waiting to be released. Will “Goin Up Camborne Hill” be resounding around Twickers come the final whistle? I think so.


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