GDPR notice

General Data Protection Regulation 25th May 2018

As you may know, I became Membership Secretary in January 2018 and in my voluntary role within
Trelawny’s Army Supporters Club [TASC], I am fully aware of the position of trust and confidentiality
which this position holds in collecting all your personal information of name and address, email
addresses and phone numbers, children’s names, spouses or significant partner, which you choose
to submit in order to gain information about Cornwall Rugby, TASC trips or social gatherings via our
Black and Gold newsletter each quarterly.

You may be aware that the Data laws changed on May 25th 2018 – the General Data Protection
Regulation [GDPR] which I am sure you are aware about but am required to declare my
responsibility to you as TASC Members.

You may find if you are experiencing difficulty with sleeping this information may aid a pleasant
slumber. But it is important we make this clear to all members in a responsible manner.
I verify to you all, that the only sharing of information is between you, I and/or a named committee
member/s, to facilitate in you receiving your Black and Gold newsletter, your membership cards or
in regard to aiding any organised trip you have chosen to participate in or merchandise payment,
through TASC.

We do not share your personal details with ANYONE outside of TASC. It remains all contained within
a computer Spreadsheet and folders, with your original hard copy application form. I also keep a
copy of the Spreadsheet stored on a memory stick, in case my laptop dysfunctions. The laptop,
memory stick and application forms, remains within my home, safe and secure. Anyone whose
membership lapses following the yearly renewal form in August, sent within your Black and Gold
newsletter. And a final renewal form, during the November issue not returned, is then removed
from the Spreadsheet in January, having had sufficient reminders. TASC have calculated that it costs
us too much in postage, to post any further reminders or Black & Gold newsletters with good intent.
However, the hard copy is kept for up to 3 years to retain your original membership number, should
you renew late. Which I am discovering does happen, particularly when moving house, which is so
understandable. After this time period, it will be securely disposed of by electronically being
shredded. While the membership is current, each application form is kept on computer file.
If you do not wish your child’s birthday to be published in the Black and Gold newsletter, please do
inform us, otherwise we shall extend our TASC birthday wishes to them on their birthday. We hope
to keep the TASC ethos as personable, and family orientated, whilst respecting their individual rights
to the personal information act. We take it as consent if you have submitted it to us via the
application form.

We assume that in submitting your application form, which requires your signature, you are
submitting your permission for us, to be sole holders of your personal information in order to fulfil
sharing TASC’s current news, social occasions, trips, merchandise and Cornwall Rugby up dates; all
within our Black & Gold newsletter.

Onen hag oll, Barbara Hocking [Mrs] , Membership Secretary, TASC.

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